Alyssa, Cleaning Tech

I am a mother of 2 beautiful children. I enjoy coloring, photography, and spending time with my family. I'm a very outgoing person and tend to wear my heart on my sleeve. I love meeting new people and seeing new places. I'm originally from New Jersey and am a die hard New York Giants fan.

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​Amanda, Cleaning Tech

Andi​​, Cleaning Tech

​My name is Andi! I'm a mom of 2 girls and engaged to Roger. We live in DSM and love it. I've cleaned professionally for 5 years and really enjoy the sense of pride you gain from a job well done. I'm a super friendly person and enjoy socializing and hanging out with my family.

Tye, Cleaning Tech

"I love to roller skate.  My husband is a world champion roller derby player and skating has taken us all over the world.  I also love the outdoors and adventure. "

Alex, Cleaning Tech 

Sabrina, Cleaning Tech

​I don't mind cleaning, I kinda enjoy the before and after projects and it relaxes me somewhat. Also I have slight OCD making it a perfect job for me. 

"I have 4 beautiful girls--one is 25 and gave me a beautiful grand daughter, and also a grand son.  My 2nd just left for college and is playing softball for SWCC. The 3rd is in 9th and the 4th is in 6th.  They keep me very busy with all their sporting events." My girls and grandchildren are my life.

​Redzo, Cleaning Tech

Kristi, President

"I am the owner here at The Queen of Clean, LLC.  I started this business in 2010.  I started cleaning by myself and grew to where it is now with over 200 clients and 20+ staff.  I am very excited by what I do.  I absolutely love it!  I have two young children; Kayla (11) and Andrew (14).  I am from northwest Iowa and love doing things with my kids.  Most of my time is spent carpooling kids to activities.  Andrew is in a swim club and baseball and Kayla enjoys horseback riding, dance, cheer, and basketball. So, you will find me mostly on the road."

I have 4 kids and enjoy cleaning as it gives me a sense of accomplishment! I enjoy meeting new people and getting my job done while doing my best!

Just a proud mother of 3 sons. I'm a hard worker, passionate about life and serving the Lord and living a Christian life, and enjoying every minute of Life.

Victoria, Cleaning Tech

"My name is Victoria, but everyone calls me Tori.  I have three beautiful children.  I am not afraid of hard work and challenges.  Most of all I love to have fun."

Candi, Cleaning Tech (Office Tech)

"I have been married to Mark for 33 years.  I have two kids, Brandi and Jake.  I like to work in the yard."

Christina, Cleaning Tech.

​Tara, Cleaning Tech

I am a busy mom of 2 & wife. My kids are involved in choir & culinary programs & our entire family is involved in Scouting. I also am involved with a couple of volunteer projects and love to do crafty things in my limited spare time.



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Alissa, Cleaning Tech

My name is Alissa Lewis, I have 2 boys that are the light of my life. Carter is 4 and full of personality and energy. Then I have Corbin who is 7 months learning new things everyday. In my free time I like hangout with friends and family, go on adventures with my own family and watch hockey. Very outgoing and full of spunk!


Shad, Cleaning Tech

I'm a hard dedicated worker who loves to meet new people and make sure the customers are happy after each visits.

Susan, Cleaning Tech

"I like to clean houses.  I think it is my therapy.  I love to garden.  I walk when the weather is nice.  My goal is 3 mles to start. I'm easy going and like meeting new people."

​Misty, Cleaning Tech

Donna, Cleaning Tech (Office Tech)

My name is Donna, I'm mother of 1. I have 6 grandchildren and as of now 1 great grandbaby. Things I like to do would be feeding people, volunteer work and hanging with my family. Peace


(515) 528-8723

I'm a hardworking single mother of 3. I'm always striving to make a better life for my children and I. 

I love to clean and make people happy. I'am a very caring person and I car about the needs of others. I enjoy helping people out. I also volunteer at my church, and I'am a very spiritual person.

Laura, Cleaning Tech

I'm a proud grandmother of 5 grandkids, ages, 11,7,4,2, & 7 months. I enjoy keeping busy and living life to its fullest! I'm a people person, love to just be around people! Was born in California and raised in San Diego(army brat). Moved to IA when I was 14, and love it here. Raised my 3 boys in Iowa. Wouldn't trade it for anything.

Fona, Assistant Manager 

Heather, Cleaning Tech (Winterset/Adel area Tech)

"I clean mostly in the Winterset/Adel/Cumming areas, and I love my clients as well as strive for perfection daily.  I have a 9-year-old son.  We stay active in soccer and enjoy going to the races."

​Brenda, Cleaning Tech

Michelle, Cleaning Tech

I'm a mom of 3 children, Paige 23, Drake 16, Deavicn 14. Grandma of a 3 year old that I stay home with after school. My husband Andy has 2 kids Madyson 15 and Kaleb 12. As a family we love to go to local dirt tracks and watch races. We are a big sports family.

Zaida, Cleaning Tech

I have 2 daughters, and 1 son. My son has given me 2 beautiful granddaughters. 1 of my daughters have given me 2 handsome grandsons, and 1 beautiful granddaughter. My baby daughter gave me 1 beautiful granddaughter. My family is my life.

I am a mother of an 11 year old daughter and 6 month old Standard Poodle puppy. I am a bit OCD at times which leads me to clean often and or pick up after others. My hobbies are reading, yoga, and lifting boat rides in the summer. I love feedback to help me grow in every aspect of life.